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blue bullet arrow # 2 Status Report - Published December 2014

Table1 - Excel Format
2013 Actuarial Valuations under Act 205 and 2012 Actuarial Valuations under Act 293

blue bullet arrow # 1  2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report of the Public Employee Retirement Commission
(February 2014)

blue bullet arrow # 2  Status Report - Published December 2012

Status Report Colored version
Status Report Black & White Version
(2011 Actuarial Valuations under Act 205 and 2010 Actuarial Valuations under Act 293) The Commission is hereby submitting its fourteenth biennial report on the status of the Commonwealth’s 3,200 local government pension plans for your review and information. These regularly issued status reports are an essential component of the oversight of local government pension plans exercised by the Governor and General Assembly. This oversight is warranted because Pennsylvania’s pension plans for local government employees, when viewed in the aggregate, represent one of the largest retirement systems in the nation.